How Do You Install a Porch Post on Concrete?

To install a porch post on concrete, using screws and a drill, attach a lead shield and a metal post bracket to the concrete, insert the porch post into the bracket and nail into place. Measure and double-check the placement of the posts before installation.

Follow the steps to easily install a wood porch post on an existing concrete patio:

  1. Gather tools and materials
  2. To install the porch post, use a masonry bit in a hammer drill. A tape measure, a lead shield, a metal post bracket, screws or lag bolts and the wood post are also needed.

  3. Measure the post location
  4. Using the metal post bracket as a template, mark the holes in the concrete. Remove the bracket. If more than one post is being installed, do the measurements for all the posts first and double-check the measurements before drilling.

  5. Install the shield and bracket
  6. Using the masonry bit and hammer drill, drill the holes to the correct diameter for the lead shield. Install the lead shield into the holes in the concrete. Using lag bolts or screws, attach the metal post bracket to the concrete.

  7. Install the porch post
  8. Insert the wooden post into the post bracket and screw or nail into place. Repeat steps for each post.