How Do You Install a Porch Light With an Outlet?


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Installing a porch light and power outlet consists of mounting a junction box and installing cables, wiring the fixture and attaching the mounting hardware. Disconnecting power to the circuit from the main electric panel is the first step. Cables are then run to the junction box and secured with staples, and wall cavities are checked for obstructions before boring a hole above the desired mounting location.

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Reference local building codes regarding exterior lighting before installing porch lights, outlets or other fixtures. Always ensure equipment is weatherproof during any outdoor installation. Disconnect existing electrical wiring starting with the black wire, then the white, and end with the ground wire. Mark the exterior wall and create a hole for the new junction box.

Apply a mixture of brick mortar and water with a putty knife to seal any gaps around the opening before mounting the new junction box. Inspect the box to ensure it is flush with the exterior wall, and then attach the fixture mounting plate. Wire the junction box and connect it to the existing electrical wiring with a length of UF electrical cable. Secure the fixture to the mounting plate. Install a light bulb, and then test the function of the outlet once electrical power has been restored.

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