How Do You Install Pool Stair Rails?


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To install pool stair rails, make sure the work area is dry and you have an assistant who is able to work from the inside the pool. In-ground pool stairs are prefabricated with holes for the rails. Install the rails using lubricant, screws and mounting brackets. Aboveground pools use stair rails with one short side. Place the short side into the pool, and secure it with washers and nuts.

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Pool stair rails typically come in kits with stairs. Follow the kit's instructions exactly to ensure the rails are sealed. For in-ground pools, use lubricant to insert the rails into the stairs, and screw them into place once they are completely pushed into the hole. Use mounting brackets to secure the edge of the stair rails into the foundation with two screws per rail. Attach the bracket to the rail using one screw.

For aboveground pools, after you secure the shorter posts, place the ramps onto the posts and secure the posts using screws. Use sand to fill the ballast, and then close it with the provided cap. Place the ballast into the steps according to the included instructions before placing the stairs into the pool. Position the stairs with some space between the pool wall and the steps, and then secure the rails to the stairs using braces.

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