How Do You Install Pocket Doors From Home Depot?


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To install a pocket door, you have to cut out the old drywall where the pocket door slides behind and install the pocket door frame. Then, attach the pocket door to the sliding mechanism on the door frame.

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To complete the installation of a pocket door, you need a flat screwdriver, level, pocket door hardware and a wooden board that is 2 inches wide and 1 inch deep. Once the area in the wall is cleared of drywall, studs and other material, install the header, a piece of wood that fits in the top of the doorway. Then, install the split studs, which function the same way normal studs do, and use the level to make sure they’re plumb. Split studs are installed parallel to one another and have a space that allows the door to slide between them.

Attach hanging brackets to the top of the door to support the header and the track. Slide the wheels into the track, then attach the door to the wheels. To prevent the door from rubbing when it slides, install the guide at the bottom of the door. Then, install the door pulls which are used as handles and won’t interfere with the sliding of the door. Finally, put new sheet rock on the wall and add the trim to the door frame.

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