How Do You Install a Pocket Door Frame?

How Do You Install a Pocket Door Frame?

To install a pocket door frame, affix the header to it, position it appropriately with the door jamb and in the opening, and ensure that the track is level. Attach the drywall, take out the spacer brackets, and attach the door bumper. Finally, attach the hanger plates, hanger pin, split header and door guides.

Begin installing a pocket door frame by attaching the header to it using nails. Ensure that the frame is positioned square with the jamb of the door. Position the door in the opening while keeping the jambs vertical. Add shims as required to keep the jambs in this position.

The track of the door must be level as this ensures that the door remains in the required position. Affix the frame to the opening using nails. Attach the drywall on the frame of the pocket door.

After taking out the frame's spacer brackets, finish the edges and faces of the door. When attaching the door bumper, position it 40 inches above the door's bottom side. Attach the hanger plates on the top-center of the door and 2 inches from its sides. Push the hanger into the plates of the door, and latch them in place using the clip given.

Affix the split header using screws with a flat head, and attach the door guides to the door's bottom edge. Adjust the guides as required to ensure smooth operation of the door.