How Do You Install Plywood Siding?


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Installing four-by-eight sheets of plywood siding is a quick way to finish a home. The sheets offer several options for finishing, such as natural stains or painting.

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  1. Mark the bottom of the paneling

    Use a level, a tape measure and a chalk line to create a mark on each side of the home to indicate the bottom of the siding. As you install each piece, slide it to match this line.

  2. Set the first full panel

    The first panel is set at the back corner of the home that is the most visible from the street. Take time to make sure that it aligns with the corner and that it is plumb. Be sure the inside edge centers on a stud. Ensure there is a ¼-inch gap at the corner. Nail it in place, setting nails every 6 inches along the edges and every 12 inches along interior wall studs.

  3. Work around the house

    Continue to add panels to the walls until you reach the other back corner. On the back of the house, begin at the initial corner and add panels until the back is covered.

  4. Caulk joints and windows

    Use a good-quality caulk around all windows and at all joints. Add trim around the windows, at the corners and where the top of the panels meets the roof soffits.

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