How Do You Install the Plumbing for a Sink Drain?


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To install the plumbing for a sink drain, shut off the water supply to the tank, drain and remove the water lines, detach the drain assembly, install the new water lines, and reinstall the drain assembly. Turn on the water. Drain pipes with trap assembly, an adjustable wrench, a plumber's tape, a medium pipe wrench are necessary for the installation.

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Twist the valve handles near the bottom of the sink cabinet counterclockwise to turn off the water. Turn on the cold and hot water faucets to empty the cold and hot water lines. Unfasten the lines from the faucets and shutoff valves with an adjustable wrench, and remove the lines. Unsecure the nut at the bottom of the sink drain with a pipe wrench, and detach the drain pipes from the main drain.

Tape the threaded ends of the water faucets with plumber's tape, and fix new cold and hot water lines in place with an adjustable wrench. Tape the terminals of the shutoff valves, attach the water lines.

Loosely fit the bottom part of the drain pipe assembly to the main drain, adjusting the height of the pipe assembly until it aligns properly with the hole at the bottom of the sink, and tighten it in place with a pipe wrench. Use the wrench to fix the drain assembly to the floor drain. Turn the valves clockwise to supply water, and check for leaks.

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