How Do You Install Plastic Shelving Systems?

How Do You Install Plastic Shelving Systems?

Most plastic shelving systems are designed to connect by inserting several posts into flat shelves or beams. These systems are free-standing and lightweight so they are easy to move around.

Different manufacturers produce different styles of plastic shelving units, so assembly instructions may vary. The process is usually organic, coming together from the base upwards. Follow the steps below to build a typical plastic shelving unit.

  1. Start with the base
  2. Locate the smallest posts in the kit. These are usually the feet of the shelving unit. Insert the narrow end of each post into the bottom of the bottom shelf of the unit. Usually each shelf is the same size, so just select one to be the bottom.

  3. Build up the middle section
  4. Locate the middle posts for the shelving unit. These are usually posts of the same length found in sets of four, with one set for each level of the unit. Place the wide end of each post into the four holes at the top of the bottom shelf. Tap on the posts with a rubber mallet to secure them in place. Select another shelf and line up the tops of the posts with the holes on the underside of the shelf. Tap these into place with the mallet. Repeat for every level of the shelving unit.

  5. Finishing it up
  6. Complete the unit by sliding one last shelf on the top of the last four posts. This last shelf is the top shelf. Locate four stickers or plastic discs in the kit. Press each one into place in the open holes on the top shelf. This creates a smooth, finished appearance for the top shelf.