How Do You Install Plank Board Siding?


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Plank board siding is installed using nails or screws. An air-powered nail gun can speed up the process substantially. First, a small spacer strip is attached at the lowest point the siding is to be installed at. The bottom of the first plank is lined up with this spacer strip. Nails or screws are used to attach the top of the plank.

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Planks will have to be cut to the proper length for your project. All trim should be put around windows or doors before plank siding is installed. Sometimes planks need to be notched with a jig saw in order to fit tightly around the tops and bottoms of windows or doors. Concrete fiber board requires a saw blade made specifically to cut it, although some contractors simply turn a standard circular saw blade backwards so planks are easier to cut.

Concrete fiber plank siding such as James Hardie has a nail line that is clearly marked, making it easy to place nails or screws correctly. A nail or screw should be used every 16 inches to ensure planks are secure against high winds and to discourage air intrusion. Each plank is overlapped so that nail heads are always covered. Wood planks are installed the same way but do not have a nail line marked out.

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