How Do You Install a Phone Jack?

How Do You Install a Phone Jack?

To install a phone jack, disconnect the telephone line, remove the existing jack, disconnect the wires, connect them to the new jack, secure the jack to the wall, and reconnect the telephone line. This 30-minute process requires a new jack, a screwdriver, pliers and a wire stripper.

  1. Disconnect the telephone line

    Unplug the phone. Locate the exterior telephone service box, open the customer access door, and disconnect the telephone line.

  2. Remove the existing jack

    Unscrew the existing jack, and ease it away from the wall. Unscrew the terminal screws, disconnect the wires, and set the jack aside.

  3. Connect the new jack

    Examine the wires. If the exposed portions appear damaged or brittle, snip them off, and use a wire stripper to remove several inches of the insulation. Bend each exposed wire into a "U" shape with pliers, and wrap the wires around the terminal screws on the back of the new jack. Tighten the screws.

  4. Secure the new jack to the wall

    Push the new jack into the wall, and screw it into place.

  5. Reconnect the telephone line

    Reconnect the telephone line at the service box, and close the access panel. Plug in the phone, and pick up the receiver. The presence of a dial tone confirms that the new jack is functional.