How Do You Install a Pellet Stove Fireplace Insert?

How Do You Install a Pellet Stove Fireplace Insert?

Pellet stove fireplace insert installation requires cleaning the fireplace, inserting and positioning the insert, configuring the power supply, and testing the unit. To ensure proper ventilation, have a certified professional, such as a licensed chimney sweep, assist with the installation.

Clean an old fireplace with a wire brush to remove any existing contaminants, such as wood, ashes, soot, creosote and debris. New fireplaces must be inspected to ensure that they are dry.

Pellet stove inserts must be properly positioned in the available space to get maximum aeration for a direct supply of fresh air so that the exhaust elements, such as smoke, have a clear and direct access to the chimney. Always make sure the unit is located near any necessary electrical or gas power supply and away from any furniture, curtains, drapes or other ignitable materials.

Most models require an electrical supply to operate. The electrical source should be a direct outlet with appropriate voltage, ground and polarity for safe and efficient operation. If the unit requires a gas supply, a direct and proper connection to the switch is necessary.

When the installation is complete, place the appropriate amount of fuel into the pellet stove insert, ignite the stove, and check for proper operation.