How Do You Install a Pellet Stove?

How Do You Install a Pellet Stove?

Installing a pellet-stove is a simple five-step process. Pellet stoves consume less fuel than other home heating appliances, are designed to conserve energy, do not require much maintenance and are easy to operate.

First, determine the location in your home where you want to install the pellet stove. A fireplace is a convenient location. However, if the pellet stove is being used as a secondary heating device, another location can be found. Once you have decided where you want to install the stove, clean the area where the device is to sit. Line the area of the floor with a protective material, such as refractory cement. Let the area dry for a few days before installation. Never install the stove on a bare floor.

Next, buy an easy to use pellet stove. Research how much power the stove uses before making the purchase. Consider the space that you have available in your home when determining between different sizes of pellet stove inserts.

Clean the fireplace with a brush. Remove all of the wood, creosote, soot and debris that has accumulated in the fireplace. Make sure the area is dry before installing the stove.

Fit the stove into the fireplace. Make sure that the smoke travels directly through the chimney. Check to see if the stove has a direct supply of fresh air. To avoid a fire hazard, do not place the stove near furniture or curtains.

For an electric pellet stove, check to make sure that the plug matches the wall outlet in voltage, ground and polarity.

Finally, place fuel in the stove, and turn the appliance on to see if everything is in working order.