How Do You Install Pella Doors?

How Do You Install Pella Doors?

Begin installing Pella doors by visiting Pella's product installation guide website at Select the type of door, the type of construction and the existing siding. Select the appropriate guide, open the PDF document, and follow the manufacturer's installation instructions. Installation instructions vary by door type and existing structures.

To install a hinged entry door in a newly constructed building, first confirm that the door opening is plumb and level. Ensure the opening and surrounding wall surfaces are clean and clear of dirt, oil and debris.

Remove packaging, leaving the strap between the lock holes and sill intact. Inspect the door for damage. Do not proceed with installation if the door is damaged. Fold out the installation fin to 90 degrees, being careful not to tear the fin corners. Read all installation directions before proceeding.

Prepare the opening by cutting and folding the building wrap around the opening, applying flashing tape, and attaching a Pella aluminum sill support or wood blocking flush with the opening sill. Apply sealant across the opening sill. Center the bottom of the door in the opening, and tilt the door into position. Ensure that the hinge jambs are plumb, and confirm that there is room for shimming between jambs and openings.

Drive fasteners into the nailing fin. Check the door placement before you drive the final fasteners. Check door operation, and adjust shims to correct any operation issues.