How Do You Install a Pegasus Vessel Faucet?

How Do You Install a Pegasus Vessel Faucet?

To install a Pegasus vessel faucet, plumber's putty and a basin wrench are needed. Turn the water supply back on to check for any leaks in the system after the installation is complete.

Use the following steps to install a Pegasus faucet.

  1. Shut off the water supply
  2. Locate the main water shut off and turn the handle until it is perpendicular to the pipe.

  3. Apply plumbers' putty
  4. Putting plumbers' putty onto the base of all pieces will create a water-tight seal.

  5. Place the faucet unit over the sink in the countertop
  6. Set up the faucet unit in the desired place over the sink and then tighten all of the bolts using a basin wrench.

  7. Connect the water supply lines
  8. From underneath the sink, connect the water supply lines to the faucet before turning the water back on and testing the new system.