How Do You Install a Pedestal Sink Over a Tile Floor?

install-pedestal-sink-over-tile-floor Credit: Terry J Alcorn/E+/Getty Images

After removing the old sink, reconfigure all of the plumbing, mount the sink basin, and secure the pedestal sink to the floor. Do not apply sealant around the base of the pedestal. Sealant can damage or discolor the tile.

  1. Place the pedestal on the floor

    Slide the pedestal underneath the sink basin. If necessary, lift the basin slightly to position the pedestal. Adjust the pedestal until it is straight. Turn on the faucet to check for possible leaks. If any of the plumbing connections leak, fix the problem before attaching the pedestal to the floor.

  2. Drill into the tile floor using a tile drill bit

    Use the pre-drilled holes located at the bottom of the pedestal as guides to drill holes into the floor. Use a tile bit to drill into the tile. These bits have a sharp point that creates holes without cracking the tile. If possible, drill into the tile's grout to avoid scratching, cracking or bruising the tile.

  3. Place screws or bolts into the holes

    Place screws or bolts into the holes, and tighten the fasteners using a screwdriver or ratchet. Do not over tighten the fasteners, as this can cause cracks in the pedestal or tile. Shake the pedestal gently to make sure it is secured properly.

  4. Finish installing the sink

    Attach handles, bolts and other installation items to the sink.