How Do You Install Pavers Over Concrete?


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To install pavers over concrete, first ensure the concrete is clean and that there is no dirt and debris. Make sure that the surface is flat and smooth. Install a border course. Lay the pavers starting from one corner of the patio, and cut the pavers to fit the opposite side, if necessary. Pour some sand on the pavement, and spread it out so that it falls into spaces between the pavers. Add more sand until the pavers become steady.

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Installing a border course holds the pavers in place for a cleaner look. To install the border course, start laying pieces along the wall of the house, if you are installing the pavers next to it. Continue laying them along the sides of the pavement area. Make sure to bond the border course bricks well to the concrete. Use professional adhesive for this. Make sure that the border course is completely dry before continuing your work.

To achieve best results, use professional grade polymeric sand to fill the spaces between the pavers. Polymeric sand increases adhesion between materials, so it holds the pavers together better. It also keeps the weeds from growing out of the gaps. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for sand installation.

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