How Do You Install Pavers?

How Do You Install Pavers?

To lay pavers on bare ground, tamp down the soil, cover it with sand, place the pavers, drive them into the sand, add more sand, sweep the pavers, and spray them with water. This three-hour process requires a shovel, a tamper, a carpenter's level, sand, a rubber mallet, a broom and a hose.

  1. Prepare the ground

    Clear the area of vegetation, and turn the soil with a shovel. Tamp it down, set a carpenter's level on top, and use the tamper to create a level surface. Pour 2 inches of sand over the soil, and use the level to verify that the surface of the sand is flat.

  2. Place the pavers

    Set the pavers on the sand, beginning in one corner and working in straight lines.

  3. Drive the pavers into the sand

    Lightly tap the pavers with a rubber mallet until their bottoms are buried in the sand to a depth of 1/2 inch. Set the level on the pavers to verify that they are even.

  4. Cover the pavers with sand

    Pour fresh sand over the pavers, and use a broom to push it into the cracks between the stones. The sand should be level with the surface of the stones. Sweep the excess sand off to one side.

  5. Spray the pavers with water

    Drench the pavers and sand with water. Sweep the area, let it dry, then inspect it. If the sand is no longer level with the stones, add more, then sweep and wet the area again.