How Do You Install Patio Tiles Over Concrete?


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To install a patio tile over concrete, mix mortar and spread it over a small area, put the tile in the mortar, wipe off any excessive mortar, and then grout the tile. Clean away any excess mortar and grout, and polish the surface.

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How Do You Install Patio Tiles Over Concrete?
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Mix water with trisodium phosphate in a bucket. Use the solution to scour the floor with a scrub brush and elbow grease. Fill any gouges on the floor with a concrete patch to ensure that the floor is flat.

Mark the starting and ending points with a chalk, and draw a line on the entire floor to ensure the first row is even. Mix a small amount of mortar according to the manufacturer's instructions, and spread mortar that can only cover a small area with a trowel. On the first row, use the chalk line as a reference point to lay the tiles squarely, and use spacers to lay the tiles on the next rows. Immediately clean away any mortar residue from the face of the tile with a damp rag, and then allow the floor to dry according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Mix grout and spread it evenly over the entire floor with a grout float, and use a moistened rag wipe to away any extra grout. Allow the grout to set up, and repeat the process if necessary. If haze forms over the tiles, clean it off with a damp rag. Lastly, apply a grout sealer to keep away future stains and mildew.

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