How Do You Install Patio Screens?


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To install patio screens, remove any existing wooden battens on the patio; if there is any old mesh from a previous screen, remove that as well. Install vertical base strips, and trim them. Install the new screening, and trim away any excess screening. Cover the base strips with a wide cap trim, cover any railing strips with narrow cap trim, and then remove any excess trim with tin snips. If needed, install a door into the patio screen.

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It may be necessary to install new or extra porch posts and base strips if a screen did not exist on the patio before. If an older patio screen is being replaced, be sure to pound the staples or nails flat onto the posts or base strips after the battens and screening have been removed. Use a nail gun or a drill to attach vertical base strips to the porch posts. Fit the metal base strips to the posts by cutting away any excess with tin snips or shears.

Install the patio screening by pulling the mesh fabric taut across the base strips and rolling the spline into the groove of the base strip. The wide cap and narrow cap trim protect the screen and base strips from damage.

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