How Do You Install Patio Pavers Over Concrete?

How Do You Install Patio Pavers Over Concrete?

Install patio pavers over concrete by first installing the borders. Lay down a layer of sand and place the pavers on top. There is no need to remove the concrete before installing the pavers.

Installing pavers over concrete is an inexpensive way to hide concrete that is in poor condition. Depending on the size of the job, this technique may be completed in a weekend, and it does not require any landscaping experience. Follow the steps below to complete the project.

  1. Measure and purchase the materials
  2. Measure the area and purchase the number of pavers in the desired style required to cover it. Also pick up sand, polyurethane construction adhesive, concrete cleaner and landscape fabric or plastic sheeting.

  3. Clean the concrete
  4. Using the concrete cleaner or a mixture or muriatic acid and water, thoroughly scrub the concrete and rinse with clean water. Allow it to dry thoroughly.

  5. Add a chalk line
  6. Add a chalk line to measure and mark the location of the borders.

  7. Add the borders
  8. Add the borders by gluing the pavers in the marked locations with the construction adhesive. Do not try to remove any glue that comes up between each paver. Scrape it off with a utility knife after it hardens.

  9. Lay down the fabric and sand
  10. Measure and cut the landscape fabric or plastic sheeting, making sure no edges stick out. Fill the area with about a quarter-inch of sand, spreading evenly.

  11. Lay the pavers
  12. Cover the sand with the pavers. Glue the last border into place and allow the patio to set for a few hours.

  13. Tamp everything down
  14. After allowing the pavers to settle, tamp everything down. Sweep any remaining sand across the patio to fill in gaps in the joints.