How Do You Install Patio Pavers?

To install patio pavers, dig a hole in the location of installation, spread a layer of paver base and a layer of paver sand, and lay paver stones on the top. Seal the gaps, and compact the pavers.

  1. Mark the area

    Mark the area of installation with a marking paint, drive wooden stakes into the ground along the marked line, and mark the height of the patio on the stakes. Tie a mason line over the stakes so the line passes through the height marks. Be sure the patio slopes away from the house.

  2. Dig a hole, and lay the base

    Shovel out the outline from the marked area, taking into account the slope of the patio, the paver base and paver sand layers. Once the hole is dug, spread a 4-inch layer of paver base over the entire area, press the base with a plate compactor, and lightly wet to solidify the base.

  3. Spread paver sand, and lay paver stones

    Lay electrical conduits over the base, pour sand between the conduits, and level the sand. Remove the conduits, and fill the voids. Lay the stones snugly together straight into the sand over the entire surface, and nail down the edging stones along the patio edges to secure the pavers.

  4. Seal the gaps, and compact the patio

    Pour light paver sand over the surface, sweep it into the gaps with a push broom, and run a plate compactor over the surface. Repeat the process for better results.