How Do You Install Padding Under Carpet?


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To install padding under carpet, use wooden tack strip along the perimeter of each room. Lay out padding and staple to the wooden tack strip.

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How Do You Install Padding Under Carpet?
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An average-size room is 12 x 12, but carpet and carpet padding may be cut with a utility knife to fit almost any space. Experts recommend consulting a professional carpet installer when laying carpet on stairs or if the carpet and padding require a seam. This type of carpet padding installation uses staples and therefore, no glue or other adhesive is necessary.

  1. Purchase the necessary supplies
  2. Purchase the padding, wooden tack strip, stapler, staples, hammer, nails and duct tape.

  3. Install the tack strip
  4. Lay tack strip out at a space equal to the thickness of the carpet. Secure the tack strip to the subfloor with a hammer and nails, the small points facing up. Cut any seams and secure together with duct tape.

  5. Install the padding
  6. Place the carpet padding on the tack strip. Staple it to the subfloor. Trim away any excess padding with a utility knife.

  7. Lay the carpet
  8. Loosely lay the carpet out in the required position over the padding. Use a carpet kicker and carpet stretcher to stretch the carpet to where it lays over the tack strips.

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