How Do You Install Your Own Custom Shower?

How Do You Install Your Own Custom Shower?

To install a custom shower, plan its design based on your style preferences and local plumbing codes and install the plumbing, drainage and wiring. Then make the base of the shower, tile the walls, and attach the shower fixtures.

First, design the custom shower with characteristics and amenities according to your preference. Ensure that the design adheres to your local plumbing code, especially with regards to entrance width and wall and shower head height. Using tape, mark the area where the walls of the shower are to be installed.

Before the shower walls have been built, install the plumbing. Ensure that the pipes do not affect the studs. Allow some room beneath the shower floor for the drain pipes and install them. Additionally, install the wiring for any lights and custom shower features.

Now, layer concrete to make the shower's base. Hand-trowel the base so that it slopes gradually in the direction of the drain. If necessary, install shower walls. To tile them, apply a coating of thin mortar over a layer of water-resistant sheet rock. Allow this layer to dry, apply the sealer, and then place the tiles.

Apply a finish to the shower floor to make it slip-resistant. Finally, affix the faucets, shower head, grab bars and other fixtures in the shower.