How Do You Install Owens Corning Shingles?


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To install Owens Corning shingles, install the self-adhering membrane, secure the underlayment to the decking with staples 4 inches vertically and 2 inches horizontally, and install a metal drip edge around the roof perimeter. Make sure the shingle bundles are flat prior to installation.

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You need roofing tacks, measuring tape, a roofing hatchet and a self-adhering membrane to install the shingles efficiently.

From the first shingle’s left side, trim 6 1/2 inches, lay the cut edge with the edges of the drip edge, and secure the shingle using roofing tacks. From the left side of the shingles in the second row, cut 6 1/2 inches, lay the shingle, and secure it accordingly. On the third row, remove 13 inches from the left side of the first shingle before installing it on the first line and securing it with roofing tacks.

Secure a 36-inch-wide piece of underlayment vertically to cover the valleys, and then install shingles 12 inches from the center of the valley. Pop a chalk line 2 inches on the side without shingles, and fix the shingles on the side of the valley. Trim the shingles with the help of the line without cutting those coming from the other side of the valley. If difficulties arise, contact a certified roofer.

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