How Do You Install an Over-the-Range Microwave?

How Do You Install an Over-the-Range Microwave?

To install an over-the-range microwave, mark and drill holes for the bracket, install it, mount the new microwave, and connect the wires. This two-hour project requires an assistant, pliers, a screwdriver, a drill, a microwave, a carpenter's level, wire nuts, a bracket, mounting hardware, a pencil and a bracket template.

  1. Mark and drill the wall

    Turn off the kitchen's electrical supply, and pull the stove away from the wall. Place the mounting bracket template against the wall, and mark the location of the screw holes. Remove the template, then drill the holes.

  2. Install the mounting bracket

    Hold the mounting bracket against the wall, line up the screw holes, and screw the bracket to the wall. Use a carpenter's level to verify that the bracket is level.

  3. Mount the microwave

    Unscrew the cover of the electrical junction box. Lift the microwave with the help of an assistant, and slide it onto the mounting bracket. Have the assistant hold the microwave up while you screw it into the overhead cabinet.

  4. Connect the wires

    Connect the wires to the junction box, and fasten them with wire nuts. Close the junction box cover, screw it shut, and turn on the electricity.

  5. Reposition the stove

    Slide the stove back against the wall.