How Do You Install an Oval Dryer Vent Adapter?

How Do You Install an Oval Dryer Vent Adapter?

To install an oval dryer vent adapter, you need a vent adapter kit, a 3-inch hole saw with drill, a caulk gun, sheet metal shears and screws. A dryer vent adapter is ideal for small apartments.

  1. Find a space for the dryer

    The first step is to make room for all the dryer's mechanisms. Move the duct that connects the dryer to the blower. Next, unscrew the right and left screws.

  2. Get the moisture out of the building

    Make sure the dryer vent is getting all the moisture outside of the house. Keep in mind that a damaged dryer vent can leak moisture even if it is positioned to get the moisture outdoors.

  3. Choose metal dryer vent duct materials

    A rigid metal dryer vent provides a better air flow and can reduce dryer time and operating costs. Another advantage is that it is easy to clean. Fire safety is another reason to choose the metal vent.

  4. Secure the dryer vent duct sections

    Self-tapping sheet metal screws are ideal for securing the dryer vent duct sections. Use metal foil tape to cover the vent.

  5. Connect the dryer vent adapter

    Use a band clamp to attach the vent. Make the connection secure with a screwdriver. Next, place another band clamp at the other end of the dryer vent.