How Do You Install Outlet Strips Under Cabinets?

How Do You Install Outlet Strips Under Cabinets?

Most under-cabinet outlet strips on the market as of 2015, including the Plugmold and the Adorne outlet systems, are easily installed under cabinetry with brackets and screws; they do not need to be hardwired. The under-the-cabinet outlet strips come with the required installation mounting hardware and instructions for at-home installation.

General installation of a multi-outlet under-cabinet outlet strip requires mounting the unit under the cabinet and either plugging it into an existing power source or hardwiring it.

The Plugmold Hardwired Tamper-Resistant Kit comes with the fittings, connectors, mounting hardware and instructions for installation. Other kits, such as the Wiremold 52-Inch Multi-Power Outlet system, are mounted under cabinetry and plugged into an outlet, providing eight additional outlets and utilizing only one plug with no hardwiring required.

Installation instructions of the outlet strips vary depending on the product, design and intention of the specific system. features informational videos and how-to instructions that can be accessed by selecting the link from the home page.

Under-cabinet outlet strips are available from local retail stores and online from websites such as, and

When installing outlet strips or working with electricity, make certain to follow electrical safety protocols, have the power turned off and ensure that all the National Electric Code standards are being met.