How Do You Install an Outdoor Wooden Privacy Screen?


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Installing an outdoor wooden privacy screen is as simple as measuring, buying the materials, installing the fence posts and attaching the panels. This project requires a staple gun and staples, screen paneling, hammer, nails, gloves, post hold digger and a utility knife.

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  1. Measure
  2. The measuring process will differ depending on where the screen is going to go. If it is going on a porch, simply measure along the area that the screen will be installed. If the screen is going to go past the porch or off in the yard, use stakes and strings to lay out the area to be measured. The strings will give you a more level measurement, thus making it more accurate.

  3. Materials
  4. Pick out the privacy panels. The type of screen used is up to each homeowner, but make sure that the panels bought are the right width and height. Also make sure the panels provide the privacy needed. Bamboo poles normally give the most privacy while lattice gives a nice look, but not much privacy.

  5. Install and Attach
  6. Place fence posts and railing along the measured area, using the post-hold digger as needed. Staple the screen to the rail and posts. Use a utility knife to trim the screen as needed. This normally takes two people. Attach the fencing or panel details like the bamboo or lattice over the screen.
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