How Do You Install Outdoor Solar Lighting?


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To install outdoor solar lighting, insert the light foundation into the ground by pushing downwards, rotating it and placing the post that is included with the light kit onto it. Install the light itself on top of the post. When installing the lights, make sure that the lights are at the same level and that they are evenly spaced. The lights should be held firmly in the ground.

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One of the most important things with solar lights is the location where they are installed. Check the location in the morning, afternoon and evening to make sure that it is exposed to sunlight for all or at least most of the day, and evaluate where the shades of trees and buildings fall. Ideally, a solar light needs to get at least 8 hours of sunlight every day in order to work all night long.

If the location does not meet these requirements, buy a solar light that comes with a remote panel. Place the panel in a sunny area, and connect it to the light that is located somewhere else. The solar panel collects the light and transports the energy to the light through wires. Make sure to place the light and the panel in a way that the wires in between them do not become obstacles.

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