How Do You Install Outdoor Roller Shades?

How Do You Install Outdoor Roller Shades?

To install outdoor roller shades, measure the space, purchase a kit, add the support hooks and hang the shade. Pull down the cords to ensure that the shades are properly installed.

Run through the following steps to install outdoor roller shades.

  1. Measure the space
  2. Before purchasing outdoor roller shades, measure the available space on the window.

  3. Purchase shades
  4. Most shades come in kits that include all of the required parts for installation. There are usually several different sizes to choose from, and they are often standardized. Choose the closest available size that can cover the window. If the window is an odd size, opt for custom shades.

  5. Put in the supports
  6. The support hooks hold the shade brackets in place outside the windows. Hold the shades against the window and mark the hook placement, ensuring that it is level. Screw the hooks into the siding.

  7. Hang the shades
  8. Hang the support bracket of the shades on the hooks.

  9. Check and test the shades
  10. Use a level tool to double check that the shades are even and make corrections as necessary. Open and close the shades to ensure that they work and are installed properly. To open the shades, pull downward on the cord. To close them, feed the cord back upwards to release them.