How Do You Install Outdoor Motion Sensor Lights?


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To install outdoor motion sensor lights, turn the power off to the existing light at the breaker, and remove the wall plate holding the existing light fixture into place. Screw the new light fixture base into place, attach the mounting strap to the wall, and attach the motion sensor wiring to the existing wiring. Screw the motion sensor light into place, and turn the power back on to check the lights.

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How Do You Install Outdoor Motion Sensor Lights?
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Check local regulations before installing outdoor lighting, and follow all regulations to ensure the lighting is installed properly. Check the wires with a voltage meter to ensure the power is off before starting the project, and remove the light bulb from the existing fixture.

If the wires in the existing fixture and the motion lighting aren't the same color, use an ohm meter to identify the ground, positive and negative connections. After connecting each set of wires, install a wire connector cap, and place the wires inside the junction box.

Apply silicone caulking around the perimeter of the junction box where it touches the exterior to prevent water from entering the box after securing the light with screws, and adjust the lights to ensure they illuminate the desired areas. Set the light's timer or other features.

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