How Do You Install an Outdoor Light Pole?

Install a lamppost by digging a hole and forming a trench. Then, install a PVC conduit, fill the hole with concrete and set the lamppost in the hole. Finish by making the lamppost plumb and making the wire connections.

Installing a lamppost is something an electrician should do, but those homeowners with electrical experience can accomplish the task in an afternoon. Be sure to take the necessary precautions before installing an outdoor light pole. Plan on the job taking from four to five hours and costing anywhere from $100 to $500 to complete, states Follow the steps below to complete the project.

  1. Dig a hole
  2. Using a posthole digger, make a hole about 12 inches around and 22 inches deep.

  3. Fill the hole
  4. After digging the hole, fill it with about six inches of gravel.

  5. Dig a trench
  6. Dig a trench about 18 inches deep from the lamppost to the source of the electricity. Place the soil on top of a tarp or plastic sheeting to make it easier to fill in the trench later on.

  7. Install the PVC conduit
  8. Feed the wires into the PVC pipe and lay the PVC conduit inside the trench, cutting and fitting the pieces as necessary.

  9. Fill the posthole
  10. Fill the posthole with cement. Fill it to grade, leaving roughly six inches of the PVC showing. Smooth the top of the footing.

  11. Set the post
  12. Set the post in the wet cement after connecting the wires. Work quickly to avoid the cement setting up before the task is complete. Twist the post while inserting.

  13. Wrap the post with rope or straps
  14. Wrap the post with a couple of straps or ropes and stake them into the ground. Using a level, make sure the post is plumb and adjust as necessary.

  15. Let the cement set
  16. Allow the cement time to harden, at least four hours.

  17. Make the wire connections
  18. Make the wire connections putting like-colored wires together. When in doubt, contact an electrician for this step.

  19. Secure the lantern
  20. Secure the lantern by tightening the screws that came with the kit.