How Do You Install an Outdoor Brick Lamppost?

How Do You Install an Outdoor Brick Lamppost?

To install an outdoor brick lamppost, dig a foundation pad, and build the brick post inside the limits of the foundation pad. A conduit runs in the middle of the post that leads up to the lamp.

  1. Build the foundation

    Dig a square hole that is at least 4 inches deep and 24 inches wide. Lead a conduit from an electrical source, and run it to the center of the foundation area. Lay enough base rock into the foundation area to make is as deep as the area. Use a hand tamper and leveler to flatten the base rock.

  2. Build the brick post

    Lay two bricks side by side at the corner of the foundation area. Use a trowel to spread a generous amount of mortar on top of the bricks. Lay two bricks on top of and perpendicular to the original bricks. Scrape off excess mortar from the outer side of the bricks. Use a brick jointer to make indentations along the exposed mortar that connects each brick to the other. Continue around the foundation area until the conduit is surrounded by a small, square opening. Build the post upward, and lead the conduit upward as well.

  3. Install the lamp

    Use a saw with a masonry blade to cut two slits near the center of the inside of each post cap. Place each cap on top of the post, and line the slits up. Run the wires from the conduit through the slits. Place a small amount of masonry adhesive on each corner of the post, and secure the caps to the post. Use masonry bits with a power drill to create the correct number of holes in the correct orientation for your specific light fixture. Install the fixture, and connect the wires.