How Do You Install a NuTone Range Hood?


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To install a NuTone range hood, disable the electricity, drill mounting holes, attach the range hood, install the wires and light bulb, turn on the electricity, and test the hood. The required supplies include a drill, screws, a screwdriver, a light bulb, a pencil and a circuit tester.

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Turn off the electricity, and test the wires with a non-contact circuit tester. Hold the mounting template to the bottom of the cabinet where you plan to install the range hood. Trace the template, and mark the screw holes. If you do not have a template, trace the range hood instead. Drill the screw holes.

Hold the range hood against the underside of the cabinet. Pull the wall wires through the range hood's wire hole, and use the drill to insert the mounting screws. Connect the white and black range hood wires to the wall wires of the same color, and secure each pair with a wire nut.

Wrap the copper wall wire around the green screw next to the other hood wires. Tighten the connection with a screwdriver, push the wires into the wiring compartment, and screw on the compartment cover. Attach a light bulb to the range's light socket, reconnect the power, and test the fan and light.

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