How Do You Install Non-Slip Stair Treads?


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To install nonslip stair treads, cut each tread individually to fit the step, apply epoxy to the overhang of the tread and contact cement to the stair, and push the tread into place. Measure and cut each tread individually, as there are variations in every step.

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Select the nonslip treads in a color to coordinate with the other decor in the home. Purchase treads that are slightly larger than the steps of the staircase so you can customize the fit. Measure each step carefully and mark the tread. Lay a metal straightedge against the marks, and cut the treads using a linoleum knife.

Begin installing the treads at the top of the staircase, and work toward the bottom. This process eliminates the need to step on newly installed treads to install the next one. Fill the nose of each tread with epoxy caulk to ensure a tight fit before gluing the tread in place. Use a hand roller to remove any air bubbles from under the treads and ensure they remain secure. Allow several hours or overnight for the adhesive to dry.

Increase the safety of stairs where nonslip treads are not appropriate by applying nonslip tape. The tape is available in a variety of colors, sizes and shapes, and sticks to most materials. If the stairs are finished, remove the finish with a paint stripper, and apply primer before applying the tape.

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