How Do You Install a New Water Line?

Replace the main water line into a home by determining the appropriate size of the line, digging a new trench to hold the line below the frost level and connecting the line from the meter to the house. Before beginning this project, check with the local building authority, as installing a new water line likely requires a permit. In addition, call the utility location service before digging.

Installing a larger water main can increase the water pressure, depending on the size of the opening through the water meter. A new main is also useful if there are breaks in the old line or it is above the frost line and subject to freezing when temperatures drop. Before deciding to increase the water line size, dig up part of the existing line to determine if it is larger than the inside pipe.

When installing the new line, keep in mind that it supplies the drinking water to the home. Use a water line disinfectant in the line before making the final connection. This disinfectant is available at plumbing supply shops. Once the water valve is open, open all the faucets in the house, and allow them to run for several minutes to flush the new line.