How Do You Install a New Bathtub?


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The process of installing a new bathtub involves removing the existing tub; moving the new tub into place before connecting the supports, drain and water supply; securing the tub in place; and installing the finish. Replacing an existing tub is a labor-intensive process, and an assistant can be beneficial when moving and positioning the tub.

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How Do You Install a New Bathtub?
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The first step in the process is to remove the existing tub. Start by disconnecting the drain and overflow. Cut out sections of drywall approximately 6 inches above the tub using a drywall saw and cutting all the way down to the studs. Remove the screws or nails attached to the tub flanges, and remove any molding or caulk attached to the tub. Carefully slide the tub out from the alcove, and remove any existing supports before disposing of the old tub.

Many tubs use a sound-deadening and leveling pad that you must install prior to positioning the new tub. Install any supports required before positioning the tub and checking to ensure it is level. Attach the overflow, drains and water supply before securing the tub in position along all three walls. Repair and paint the drywall, and install baseboard and finish molding before attaching the faucet.

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