How Do You Install a Nest Thermostat?

How Do You Install a Nest Thermostat?

Install a Nest thermostat by carefully removing the old thermostat, labeling the wires, attaching the base, reconnecting the wires and attaching the display. Be sure to work with the power turned off to avoid an electrical shock.

  1. Remove the old thermostat

    Remove the cover of the old thermostat. Take a picture of the wiring to use for reference. Check to be sure there is no high voltage wiring, because the Nest thermostat is not compatible with high-voltage systems. Remove jumper wires, which are the short wires between two connectors, as the Nest thermostat does not need them. Unscrew and remove the base of the old thermostat.

  2. Label the wires

    Using the blue labels that come with the Nest installation kit, label all the exposed wires. Ignore any wires that were not connected to the old thermostat.

  3. Attach the Nest thermostat base

    Use the built-in level to straighten the Nest thermostat base. Mark screw holes, and insert drywall anchors if necessary. Secure the base to the wall. Reconnect the loose wires to the thermostat base.

  4. Attach the display

    Snap the Nest thermostat display onto the base. Turn the power back on. Synchronize the thermostat with your Wi-Fi network. The thermostat automatically checks to be sure all your connections are correct and solid.