How Do You Install Nerf Bars?


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Examine the vehicle for pre-drilled mounting holes, measure and drill holes as necessary, mount the nerf bars and check the bars sturdiness are the steps for installing nerf bars. Nerf bars come in many different lengths, sizes and mounting configurations, so make sure you select the right one for your vehicle before beginning the installation. The installation process is most easily accomplished with the help of a second person.

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Many trucks and SUVs come with factory drilled holes for mounting nerf bar and running board accessories. Remove the nerf bars from the package and check to see if the hole placement and configuration match those on the vehicle. If the holes line up have your assistant hold the nerf bar in place while you attach the bolts to the truck according to the installation instructions provided in the nerf bar packaging.

If there are no holes, then have your helper hold the nerf bar in the desired location: straight and level. Carefully mark all of the holes to be drilled. Typically, the best method to drill the holes is to pre-drill the spot with a smaller bit and then drill it to the size required. This ensures a smooth hole and a tight fit. Proceed with mounting instructions the same as previously discussed.

Lastly, verify that the nerf bars can support the intended weight. Care should be taken when choosing the nerf bars; some are intended for aesthetic value only and do not support any weight.

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