How Do You Install a Neo-Angle Shower Rod?


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A curved or neo-angle shower curtain rod is relatively easy to install yourself, especially if you're replacing an old curtain rod. You need the new curtain rod, the included brackets and hardware, a hammer, a screwdriver, a power drill and eye protection. If you are not replacing an old curtain rod, you also need a measuring tape and level to mark where to install the neo-angle shower rod.

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  1. Remove the old shower rod

    Use a screwdriver to remove the screws holding the old shower rod brackets in place. Remove the old rod and brackets from the wall. Line up the top hole of the new bracket with the top or outer-most old mounting hole. Mark where the new bottom hole will be.

  2. Install the new brackets

    Drill the new mounting holes where you marked on the wall. Be sure to wear eye protection during this step. Install plastic wall anchors in each new mounting hole, and replace any damaged wall anchors in mounting holes you will reuse. Once the wall anchors are installed, attach the new shower rod brackets using the screws that came with the new rod. If there was no rod previously installed, measure the desired height for the brackets and check each placement with a level before drilling the mounting holes.

  3. Install the curtain rod

    Place one end of the new rod into a bracket. Adjust the rod as necessary, and place the second end in the opposite bracket. Once the rod is secure, install the shower curtain and liner. Finally, patch or touch up any exposed holes. The new brackets may not cover the old mounting holes, especially if the holes were oriented horizontally instead of vertically.

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