How do you install a natural gas furnace?


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To install a natural gas furnace, shut off the power and gas supply, position the furnace, connect the duct system and gas line and plug the furnace in. Check for leaks before igniting the pilot light.

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First, shut off the gas and power supply to the area. Before installing a new natural gas furnace, remove the old one, if necessary. Likewise, check the duct work for signs of failure. If the wear and tear is excessive, it has to be replaced.

Place the new furnace in its approximate area but with enough space to work. Align the furnace openings with the existing duct work and piping. If the furnace includes any internal pieces that need installing, do so before proceeding.

Locate the duct system on the furnace and connect it to the duct work in the wall. Use metal foil tape to seal the connection. Attach the boot to the furnace as well. Use sealing glue to connect the vent pipes to the back of the furnace, sloping back from the furnace at 1/4-inch per 4 feet.

Next, connect the gas line from the wall to the furnace. Use a gas leak detector to ensure there are no leaks and run the flue pipes to remove any released gas. Finally, connect the power supply and the thermostat. Leave the room for 10 minutes before returning to check for the smell of natural gas. If there is none, light the pilot according to manufacturer's instructions.

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