How Do You Install a Mr. Slim Air Conditioning Unit?


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When installing a Mr. Slim air conditioning unit, first locate a spot high on the wall where you want to place the indoor portion of the machine, which can be anywhere due to its light weight. Then, place the outdoor part of the machine in a secure location.

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The Mr. Slim brand of air conditioner is a split-ductless type. This means that it has two components, the indoor and outdoor components, that provide different functions. They differ from window units in that you can install them in more convenient spots in the house, but they tend to cost much more than window units.

You need to run lines from the outdoor unit to the indoor unit for the air conditioner to function. These lines provide coolant and gas, which acts to perform the temperature changes in the air distributed in the indoor unit. These units tend to take up less space indoors than window air conditioners or other alternatives because the entire function of the air conditioner is split up between two components that are connected through the gas and liquid lines. The gas and liquid lines may be run through the wall or the ceiling in order to connect the two components together.

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