How Do You Install Modern Iron Gates?

How Do You Install Modern Iron Gates?

Install iron gates after installing the fence by hanging them on their hinges and installing the hinges on the fence. When possible, hold off on installing the gates for seven days after installing the fence to allow it to settle.

The gates should be the last thing installed when erecting a new fence. Refrain from setting them up for at least seven days after installing the fence, but if that is not possible, try not to use the gates often for the first seven days.

  1. Start with the fence
  2. Begin installing the fence by staking string lines for each run. Determine the corner and end post locations and stake off each one.

  3. Set the posts
  4. Dig the holes for each post, making each at least six inches in diameter and two feet deep. Place the posts and shovel concrete into each hole. Pack dirt around each post. Allow the concrete to dry for a few days, if possible

  5. Attach the fence panels
  6. Many iron fences have brackets that hold the panels in place. Slide the bracket over the end of the horizontal rails and screw them in place.

  7. Hang the gate
  8. Using the hinges attached to the gate, slide the male part into the female slot and secure using bolts.