How Do I Install Mobile Home Skirting?

To install mobile home skirting, mark the location of the rails, nail the back rail to the bottom edge of the house, drive spikes through the bottom rail, trim the panels, and fit them into the rails. To finish, attach the top front rail.

  1. Mark the layout of the rails

    For the back rail, place one piece along the bottom edge of the home so that the bottom edge of the rail is just below the edge of the home. With a level, mark a chalk line along the top edge of the rail, and continue marking the line around the home. For the bottom rail, measure a plumb line with a level or plumb bob at every corner. Then mark each corner of the home where the corner is plumb to the ground, Make chalk lines connecting the corners.

  2. Attach the back rail

    Align the back rail with the chalk line on the home. Place a screw or nail in every other slot, and leave a 1/16-inch space to allow for expansion and contraction. Between rails, keep a 1/2-inch gap.

  3. Attach the bottom rail

    Position the bottom rails on the ground along the chalk line. Hammer ground spikes into the rails every 19 inches.

  4. Install the panels

    Measure and cut the vinyl panels to 1 1/2 to 3 inches taller than the distance from the ground to the home. Every 4 inches along the top and bottom, punch holes with a snap lock punch tool. Then fit the panels into the rails.

  5. Finish the skirting

    Snap and interlock the top rail onto the back one. At the corners, trim a 1-inch V-shape from the top part of the top rail. Bend and fit the rail around the corners.