How Do You Install Mitsubishi Hyper Heat?

How Do You Install Mitsubishi Hyper Heat?

To install a Mitsubishi Hyper Heat air conditioning or heat pump, obtain the owner's manual, select an installation location and install the unit per the instructions, notes the Mitsubishi and Manuals Library websites. Consult an installation professional with questions or concerns before beginning installation.

To install a Mitsubishi Hyper Heat, follow these steps:

  1. Review the owner's manual
  2. Each Mitsubishi heat pump and air conditioning unit has its own set of installation instructions, so owners should review the owner's manual for product-specific instructions. Owners who do not currently have a copy of the installation instructions can use the model number to locate a copy through the Mitsubishi or Manuals Library websites, state the sites. Review the safety instructions before beginning installation.

  3. Select the installation location
  4. The ideal location for the units depends on indoor or outdoor installation, and the unit should be away from other electronic devices, out of reach of children, protected from extreme weather conditions and in an area that receives open and dustless airflow. Review the full list of additional location requirements in the owner's manual.

  5. Install
  6. Follow the indoor or outdoor installation instructions, including installing the mounting bracket, drilling the wall hole, connecting the wires, attaching the piping and installing the front panel. Perform a leak test and test run.