How Do You Install Mirrors in Your Home?


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Common mirror installation methods use either adhesives or brackets. The former involves applying either glue or adhesive to the back of the mirror to attach it to the wall. The latter entails mounting the mirror using four brackets screwed into the wall. Individuals often install mirrors in bathrooms, bedrooms, entryways, children’s rooms and hallways.

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How Do You Install Mirrors in Your Home?
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These methods of mirror installation each have their own pros and cons. The adhesive method benefits from the absence of ugly brackets, which distract you from the mirror or the reflection in it. However, one drawback is that removing the mirror is not easy because it requires you to damage the wall behind it. When using brackets, you can easily pull down the mirror and reposition it. However, this method does not produce as seamless results as when using an adhesive.

Install high-quality and well-lit mirrors for any bathroom sink, and full-light mirror work well in bedrooms. Consider hanging a mirror over a small table in the entryway for use when going out for work. A small-sized mirror is suitable for your kid’s room. If your hallway is narrow and dark, consider placing mirrors strategically for them to reflect light from adjacent well-lit rooms.

Finally, consider consulting an interior designer about where you want to install mirrors. An architect can also help you to identify strategic locations to place mirrors for them to distribute natural light throughout your home. If necessary, contact a professional to help you with the installation process. Improperly installed mirrors can easily pull out of drywall, which leads to even the most expensive mirrors having a short lifespan.

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