How Do You Install a Mirrored Closet Door?

How Do You Install a Mirrored Closet Door?

To install a mirrored closet door, obtain a door of the appropriate size, install the upper and lower tracks or pivot brackets, install the hardware for hanging on the doors such as the wheels and hinges, and attach the door to the tracks or pivot brackets. Test the door for smooth functioning.

To obtain a mirrored closet door of the appropriate size, measure the length and breadth of the door opening. Choose between an bypass or bi-fold door. If a door of the required size is not available, order a customized one.

Begin installing the door by cutting the upper track with a reciprocating or hacksaw. Ensure that the track fits the door opening's top. Position the track against the door frame's top or hide it behind a trim, and attach using the screws provided.

Similarly, install the lower track or pivot brackets, depending on whether a bypass or bi-fold door is being installed. Ensure that the upper and lower hardware are offset equally from the door frame's front.

Attach the wheels at the top and bottom of the bypass door. In case of a bi-fold door, mount the wheels at the top, inside corner of the inner door, and attach the pivot pins at the bottom and top outside corner of the outer door. Also, secure the hinges. Follow the directions of the manufacturer for these installations.

After installing the door in the tracks or brackets, open and shut it to test if it functions smoothly. Additionally, check the space between shut bi-fold doors, and adjust the wheels, pivot brackets or pins as needed.