How Do You Install Microwave Mounting Brackets?

Attach microwave mounting brackets to wall studs using a screw driver. Use the mounting template included with the microwave mounting kit to position the brackets correctly before attaching the brackets to the wall studs.

Most manufacturers include a microwave mounting kit that includes mounting brackets, mounting bolts and a mounting template. To install mounting brackets, locate wall studs using a stud finder. Mark the position of wall studs with a pencil, place the template over the wall stud marks and use a pencil or screw driver to poke through the template to create attachment marks on the wall. Line up the holes on mounting brackets with the wall marks. Use a level to ensure the brackets remain straight when attaching to the wall.

Depending on the size, some microwaves require mounting brackets to attach to more than one stud. If only one stud exists, consult the user's manual for manufacturer suggestions and recommendations.

To prevent damage to the microwave, two people should position the microwave and then attach the unit to the mounting brackets with the mounting bolts. Position the microwave on top of the tabs attached to the mounting brackets. Secure the microwave to the mounting brackets using the mounting bolts.