How Do You Install a Microwave With a Hood Exhaust?


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Install a microwave with a hood exhaust over the range by using the manufacturer's template to mark the hole for the exhaust, cutting through the wall for the duct, and installing the vent. Attach the mounting brackets to the wall and cabinet, and then attach the microwave to the brackets.

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A space-saver microwave combines the function of a microwave oven with a range hood. It mounts over the cooktop, saving the counter space a countertop microwave normally occupies. The weight of the unit makes proper installation essential. The manufacturer makes the wall brackets to attach directly to the studs. If the bracket does not align with the studs, try attaching 1-by-4 hardwood lumber to the studs and then the brackets to the hardwood.

When installing any kitchen exhaust, the air from the vent should exit to the outside. Otherwise, the vaporized oils and grease from cooking collect in the attic or adjacent space and create a fire hazard. If it is impossible to exhaust the unit outside, a vent with a carbon filter removes smoke and grease from the air and exhausts the clean air back into the kitchen. On a unit with an outside vent, a closing vent cap prevents drafts of cold outside air from entering the home.

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