How Do You Install Metal Siding?


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To install metal siding, fix the underlayment to the house; nail down the metal siding sheets, working with one sheet at a time and beginning at the bottom corner of the building; and install the edging guards or corner caps to prevent the sheets from tearing off. Required tools include staple gun, staples, galvanized nails, a hammer and a measuring tape. Wedges, paint and a paint scraper may also be handy in the project.

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Measure the area you want in to install the metal siding, and use the measurements to purchase the material. Hammer down any nails onto the wall, or pry them off with the claw of a hammer. Remove old paint with a paint scraper. If necessary, change rotten wood, nail down loose foam boards, and fill depressions with wedges.

Use a staple gun and staples to install a waterproof underlayment along the entire area you want to install the siding, overlapping the edges by about 3 inches. Attach the first sheet on the bottom side of the structure, and fasten the sheet in place with galvanized nails, using the pre-fabricated holes.After installing the bottom layer, install the next layers, overlapping the lowest sheets by 2 inches. Measure the topmost layer, cut away extra siding, and install the layer.

On all corners of the structure, slide corner caps beneath the sheets, and nail them down. If necessary, install and seal trim around windows and doors, and paint the metal.

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